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Cosmetic Surgery

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Liposuction Surgery

Removal of unwanted fat from specific areas of the body by means of suction is known as liposuction. It is a cosmetic procedure to give the body a better shape and aesthetic appearance. It is not a procedure for weight loss but rather removes the stubborn fat deposits which otherwise do not go with diet or exercise.

Different areas of the body including abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and breasts can be targeted with liposuction. Small areas like face, chin, neck and calves are also amenable to liposuction treatment.

The duration of liposuction procedure depends upon the area targeted and the amount of fat which needs to be removed. In small areas like chin and face, the procedure hardly takes 30 -40 minutes but with larger areas like abdomen and thighs, it can take 2-4 hours.

Liposuction procedure is always done under anaesthesia. In small areas of body, local anaesthesia in the form of a numbing liquid is infiltrated to decrease pain whereas in larger areas, regional or general anaesthesia is used.

Liposuction is usually done in the day care setting and patient can be discharged in the evening of day of surgery. The patient is instructed to wear a compression garment for the next 2-3 weeks but can carry out their normal activities and take a normal diet.

Since liposuction destroys and removes the fat cells permanently from particular areas of body, the fat in those specific areas doesn’t come back. However, with weight gain, fat can get accumulated in other areas which ruin the overall cosmetic appearance.

Tummy tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck By Dr Anirudh Vij

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure for shaping the abdomen which has become loose or sagging after weight loss or repeated pregnancies. It involves removal of the extra hanging skin and fat in the lower part of the abdomen with or without tightening of the abdominal muscles to give a flat and toned look.

Advantages of tummy tuck

  1. Cosmetic benefit – Removal of extra skin and fat gives a flat and toned look to the abdomen
  2. Functional benefit- Increased mobility and range of movements for the patient due to removal of excess bulk
  3. Improved exercise tolerance- Better muscle tone and function which enhances the capability to exercise
  4. Improved skin and personal hygiene – which is sometimes difficult because of overhanging skin folds

People who have loose hanging skin and fat in the lower part of their abdomen below the belly button which happens after massive weight loss and/or repeated pregnancies are the right candidates for tummy tuck operation. It can be done for both men and women but generally advised for women after they have completed their family.

In tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), the entire hanging part of extra skin and loose fat below the navel is removed by giving long cut just below the bikini line. The muscles can be tightened with this procedure and it may involve removal or repositioning of the navel/belly button. Liposuction only removes the excess fat in different areas of the body by using a suction cannula and very small cuts. It doesn’t remove the extra skin nor tightens the muscle and but it can be done without any scars.

Mini tummy tuck is generally done for people with loose skin just below the navel without extra fat or loose muscles. It removes the skin below the navel without repositioning it and doesn’t involve any muscle tightening.

Tummy tuck operation leaves a scar which is hidden in the lower abdominal crease or bikini line so that it is not visible above the waist line.

Tummy tuck operation is done under general anaesthesia and usually a patient is discharged from the hospital within 48 hours. The patient may resume their routine activities within 8-10 days of surgery and are advised to avoid strenuous exercises for 6 weeks after the procedure.

Women are usually advised for tummy tuck procedure after they have completed their family. This is because the results of tummy tuck operation would tend to get spoiled by pregnancy. However, there is no medical contraindication to pregnancy if a woman so desires any time after a tummy tuck procedure.

Tummy tuck procedure is a major surgery done under general anaesthesia with its own risks and complications. However, if it is done for the properly chosen patients by an experienced surgeon, the chances of complications are quite small.

The cosmetic result of tummy tuck surgery is generally permanent but the patient needs to be careful about the proper diet, exercise and to avoid fluctuations in weight after the procedure.

The cost of tummy tuck operation in Delhi can vary anywhere between 80000 INR to 2 lacs INR depending upon the patient, procedure type and the hospital setup.

Gynaecomastia or male breast surgery

Gynaecomastia Cosmetic Surgery

Gynaecomastia is a Medical condition in which there is enlargement of the male breast to resemble that of a female. It may occur at any AGR after puberty but is most commonly seen in adolescents and young adults. It may occur on one or both sides and vary from a small nodule below the areoles to large fatty breast resembling the adult female breast.

  1. Physiological- this happens to the hormonal changes in adolescence. The rapid rise in male hormone levels and their subsequent conversion to oestrogen in fatty tissue leads to enlarged breast size. This type of Gynaecomastia resolved with time and usually doesn’t require treatment.
  2. Pathological – This can have a number of causes like-
    • Hormonal deficiency
    • Old age
    • Chronic liver disease
    • Chronic kidney failure
    • Alcohol abuse
    • Drugs

The most common symptom of gynaecomastia is an enlargement of one or both breasts which presents as a swelling. There may be associated pain and tenderness in some cases and it may be felt as a hard nodule below the nipple and areola.

Gynaecomastia is detected by a combination of clinical examination and some investigations. An ultrasound scan is usually sensitive enough to pick up the problem and it can be confirmed by needle biopsy which will show abnormal glandular development in the male breast.

The treatment of gynaecomastia is required when it is large, unslightly and causing significant cosmetic embarrassment to the patient. In case of physiological or pubertal gynaecomastia, watchful waiting is recommended as it usually subsides over a few years.  Gynaecomastia caused due to systemic diseases and drugs require treatment of the particular condition and or stoppage of drugs which usually leads to resolution of the problem. 

The treatment of gynaecomastia is through surgical removal of the excess fatty and glandular tissue of the breast. This is done through a periareolar cosmetically placed incision to give a aesthetic  appearing scar after the procedure.

Tattoo removal

Permanent tattoos are marks by injecting small quantities of dye into the subdermal layer of the skin. They are usually not removed by laser treatment and require excision of the area of skin bearing them. Tattoo removal is an outpatient procedure which can be done under local anaesthesia.

Cyst excision

Any swelling present in the body which has a liquid within is known as a cyst. A cyst has a lining of cells which constantly produce this liquid and hence they have a tendency to grow larger with time. Cysts can be small or big and can located anywhere in the body including the internal organs. The common types of superficially located cysts are

  1. Sebaceous cysts
  2. Dermoid cysts
  3. Epidermoid cysts
  4. Ganglion cysts


Complications of cysts

  1. Infection
  2. Pain
  3. Cosmetic disfigurement



Most superficial cysts are sebaceous cysts and contain small quantities of sebum or wax like substance. They are not amenable to treatment with medicines and require surgical removal. These surgeries can be done as out patient procedure under local anaesthesia.

Ear lobe repair

Ear lobes are frequently disfigured because of wearing heavy ear pieces due to which the pierced gap between the ear lobe becomes larger. This can cause cosmetic disfigurement as well difficulty in wearing the ear pieces.

The gap in the ear lobe can be tightened by stitching the ear lobe with fine interrupted sutures giving a good cosmetic result. It is a small procedure which can done under local anaesthesia.

Scar excision/ removal

Scars because previous trauma, infections or surgery can be cosmetically disfiguring and can cause the person to become overly conscious and have a low self esteem.

Scars can be excised removing the portion of skin bearing the scar giving a superior cosmetic result.

Mole removal

Moles are pigmented areas of skin which have a heavy density of pigment bearing cells known as melanocytes. These may be desirable and appreciated as beauty spots but sometimes may appear unsightly and cause cosmetic embarrassment to the person. Also certain moles may show rapid growth, bleeding or satellite lesions for which they require surgical removal.

Mole excision is usually a day care procedure which can be performed under local anaesthesia.