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Breast cancer is a common cancer found in women of advanced age. It commonly presents as a painless lump in the breast which increases in size with time. There may also be nipple retraction, discharge from the nipple or swelling in the axilla.

The causes of breast cancer in women include the following-

  1. Number of children- women having few or no children have a higher risk of developing breast cancer as compared to women with more number of children
  2. Breast feeding – women who breast feed have lesser risk of developing breast cancer in later life as compared to women who have not breast fed their children
  3. Obesity- increasing body mass is linked to higher risk of developing breast cancer
  4. Age- breast cancer is uncommon in young women and the incidence increases with age being highest in women in their sixth and seventh decade of life
  5. Age of menarche and menopause- an early age of onset of menarche and late menopause is related to increased risk of breast cancer
  6. Family history- a positive family history of breast cancer in first degree relatives increases the risk of developing this condition
  7. Genetic factors- certain genes have been identified which are linked to early onset and increased aggressiveness of breast cancer like BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes.
  8. Hormonal factors- women who receive estrogen hormonal supplements after menopause have increased risk of breast cancer
  9. Radiation exposure- increased exposure to radiation can lead to breast cancer development

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