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Emergency Surgery

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Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy refers to a condition where the pregnancy develops in some site outside the womb/uterus usually in the fallopian tube or ovary. This is a risky condition because the developing embryo doesn’t have the place to grow and ultimately it may rupture giving rise to life threatening internal bleeding. 

This condition requires an early diagnosis and timely treatment to avoid complications. It usually presents with abdominal pain in a young woman with history of missed cycles. The diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound scan and in most cases, the treatment can be done by laparoscopic surgery. The ectopic pregnancy with the portion of fallopian tube is removed to prevent bleeding.

Acute appendicitis/Appendicular perforation

Acute appendicitis refers to a condition of sudden inflammation of the appendix giving rise to severe pain in abdomen. It presents in teenagers and young adults with pain in abdomen, vomiting and anorexia. The diagnosis is by a combination of clinical examination, blood tests and ultrasound of the abdomen. It requires immediate surgery which can be done by laparoscopic removal of the appendix.

Intestinal Obstruction/Perforation

This condition occurs as a result of mechanical blockage of the intestines giving rise to abdominal pain, vomiting and distension of the abdomen. The patient is usually not able to pass flatus or stools. The diagnosis is made by a plain X-ray of the abdomen which shows the bowel gas shadows in a characteristic pattern. The treatment may be conservative in the form of keeping the patient nil per oral, administering intravenous fluids and putting a nasogastric tube for bringing out the intestinal fluid. If these measures do not work, it may require open surgery to relieve the blockage. If the treatment is not done in a timely manner, the intestine may rupture leading to spillage of contents inside the abdominal cavity which is known as perforation.

Trauma Surgery

In cases of blunt or penetrating abdominal trauma, laparoscopy can play a big role in diagnosis as well as treatment of the condition. May cases of blunt trauma can be managed conservatively with resuscitation and observation but patient having signs of hemodyanamic instability and infection require a diagnostic laparoscopy to assess the cause and proper treatment.