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Piles or Hemorrhoids are abnormal masses of anorectal tissue which present as a swelling or bleeding from the anus. They usually form in adults as a result of prolonged constipation and straining at stools.

Piles surgery was traditionally feared because of the associated pain and slow recovery. Open surgery involves removal of the piles masses with scissors or Electrocautery which leaves a large wound which is both painful and takes a long time for healing.

Laser Piles surgery uses an advanced diode laser which shrinks the piles tissues when the laser is directed towards it. This tissue then retracts back into the anal canal and thus relieves the patient of both swelling and bleeding. Since there is not cut as in traditional surgery, the process is painless and quick to perform. The patient usually makes a rapid recovery within a few hours and can carry out all routine activities within 1-2 days.

Laser surgery can also be offered for other anorectal conditions like anal fissure, fistula and sinus and offers the same advantages of no cut, being painless with faster recovery.

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