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Endoscopy by Dr Anirudh Vij: Why This Popular Procedure Is Beneficial


Endoscopy is a process of inserting a camera inside the body cavity for visualising the internal organs. It can be performed using a flexible or rigid scope under local or general anaesthesia. Endoscopy is a wonderful tool for diagnosing various diseases affecting the different parts of the human body. It can be done for the […]

New Laser Piles Surgery in Delhi Offers Relief to Sufferers

Laser Piles Surgery

Piles or Hemorrhoids are abnormal masses of anorectal tissue which present as a swelling or bleeding from the anus. They usually form in adults as a result of prolonged constipation and straining at stools. Piles surgery was traditionally feared because of the associated pain and slow recovery. Open surgery involves removal of the piles masses […]