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Pilonidal sinus

It is a peculiar condition that affects mostly young men in which there is formation of one or multiple openings with pus discharge in the area of the natal cleft (fold between the buttocks). The cause for its formation is friction between the skin folds causing the hair to penetrate the skin leading to the […]

Can small gallbladder stones be treated with medicines?

Many people suffer from gallstones and some are detected when the stones are very small in size. Small stones are those which are less than 5 mm in size. These stones can easily pass into the bile ducts and cause blockage of the flow of bile. This can lead to infection of the gallbladder, jaundice, […]

Which diet is better for maintaining healthy weight?

There is often a controversy regarding what kind of diet is best for weight loss. People often have the misconception that one or the other diet is better for weight loss. The reality is that none of the diets is a perfect diet but rather a healthy and balanced diet incorporating a variety of foods […]

What are the causes of breast cancer in women?

Breast cancer is a common cancer found in women of advanced age. It commonly presents as a painless lump in the breast which increases in size with time. There may also be nipple retraction, discharge from the nipple or swelling in the axilla. The causes of breast cancer in women include the following-

Does laparoscopic surgery affect the future pregnancy outcome in unmarried girls?

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed for various intra abdominal conditions. It may be performed for gallbladder stones, appendix, hernia , obesity and a number of gynaecological problems like ovarian cyst, fibroid, etc. Laparoscopic surgery for organs other than those involved in the reproductive system doesn’t impact the fertility in females. Even performing […]

Can laparoscopic surgery be performed during pregnancy?

Normal pregnancy lasts for around 9 months and is a critical phase for both the woman and the developing foetus. However, some emergency condition may arise in this period which may necessitate laparoscopic or open surgery. Generally, surgery is avoided in the first trimester as the drugs used during Anaethesia are toxic to the developing […]

What is the cause of hydrocoele formation?

Hydrocoele occurs as a result of excess fluid accumulation in the layers surrounding the testis. The fluid may occur because of excess production or because of less drainage. Various theories have implicated infections, lymphatic blockage and even testicular pathology as the cause of hydrocoele. The fluid in hydrocoele is clear, amber coloured and sterile. Although […]

What is the difference between hydrocoele and hernia?

Hydrocoele and groin hernia both present with swelling in the Scrotum and can have similar symptoms. Whereas hydrocoele occurs as a result of excess fluid accumulation in the layers surrounding the testis, a hernia is caused by protrusion of intra abdominal contents like fat and intestine into the groin and Scrotum due to weakness or […]

Cost of intragastric balloon in Delhi

Intragastric balloon is a non surgical procedure for weight loss in people with moderate to severe obesity. The cost of intragastric balloon depends mainly upon the type of balloon being inserted. There are different types of balloons available which can be inserted for specific time periods inside the body. Most balloons require an endoscope for […]

What are the causes of breast lumps in women?

Breast lump is a common condition which can affect women of all ages right from adolescence upto old age. The age of occurrence and the symptoms of the lump usually define the underlying cause of this condition. The symptoms of breast lump may include pain, swelling of breast with or without associated nipple discharge. The […]