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Intragastric balloon is a non surgical procedure for weight loss in people with moderate to severe obesity. The cost of intragastric balloon depends mainly upon the type of balloon being inserted.

There are different types of balloons available which can be inserted for specific time periods inside the body. Most balloons require an endoscope for insertion snd withdrawal whereas the newer Allurion balloon can be swallowed directly like a capsule.

The cost of endoscopic intragastric balloon varies between 1.25 lacs to 2 lacs INR. The non adjustable balloons with shorter duration are relatively cheaper whereas the adjustable balloon from Spatz which also is a longer duration balloon comes at a higher price.

The swallow balloon by Allurion is the latest thing in the market snd it is priced at 3 lacs INR. Although this balloon has a life of just 4 months in the body, it doesn’t require endoscopy for insertion and is automatically passed out after 4 months. This makes it very convenient for the patients causing less of side effects.

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