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The diet prescribed after intragastric balloon implantation is similar to that after a bariatric Surgery. However, the restrictions are less and requirement for supplements is fewer compared to bariatric surgery.

The diet schedule is as follows-

  1. Phase 1 (Liquid diet )- It is prescribed from day 1 to day 15. Initially, it is a clear liquid diet for 3-5 days which is then transitioned to full liquids including milk and protein shakes.
  2. Phase 2 ( Puréed diet)- It is prescribed from day 15 to day 30. It includes puréed and semisolid foods which don’t require chewing.
  3. Phase 3 ( Soft diet ) – It is prescribed from day 30 to day 45 after the procedure. It includes fork soft foods which require minimal chewing and are easily digestible
  4. Phase 4 ( Normal diet) – This can be taken after 6 weeks of the procedure. The portions are generally limited to a quarter of the normal diet and should be consumed slowly after thorough chewing.

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