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Intragastric balloon is a non surgical procedure for weight loss in patients having moderate to severe obesity. It functions as a space occupying device which basically restricts the capacity of the stomach and decreases the appetite. This makes the person take less food and leads to a caloric deficit. The body’s fat burning hormones get activated as a result and the person starts burning fat which leads to a gradual weight loss.

The weight loss continues till the time the balloon present in the body and can be upto 15 -20% of the total body weight. This means that a person weighing 100 kgs can lose upto 20 kgs of weight within 4-6 months. Along with diet, the patients are instructed to exercise regularly and follow certain healthy lifestyle choices to augment their weight loss and maintain it in the long term.

The intragastric balloons vary in the duration for which they can be kept inside the body. This can vary from 4 months for the Allurion balloon upto a maximum of 12 months for the Spatz balloon. The longer duration of treatment generally translates into better weight loss. Also, the feature of adjustability in the Spatz balloon means that the volume of fluid inside the balloon can be increased or decreased which can augment the weight loss.

Once the balloon has completed its maximum duration, it has to be removed from the body. After explantation, the patient is advised to continue the caloric restricted diet and maintain the lifestyle changes in order to avoid weight regain.

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