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Modern hernia surgery is performed by laparoscopy in most cases and a tension free repair of the damaged tissues is done. This is possible by using a mesh to reinforce the weakened tissues which provides long term durability to the repair and decreases the chances of recurrence. However, some factors can still lead to recurrence after hernia surgery.

Since the abdomen is the most common site for hernia, any factor which increases the intra abdominal pressure puts pressure on the repair and can increase the chances of hernia recurrence. Long standing cough, constipation, straining while passing urine are all factors which can increase the intra abdominal pressure and cause strain on the repair. Sudden jerky movements like jumping, heavy lifting or high intensity exercise can also impact the repair, especially in the first few weeks, and should be avoided.

Surgical factors can also have an impact on recurrence of hernia. Inadequate dissection at time of Surgery with a smaller mesh can increase the chances of long term recurrence. Postoperative complications like infection, mesh migration and shrinkage of mesh can lead to recurrence of the problem in the future.

Thus, adequate pre operative planning and preparation, meticulous surgical technique and proper post operative care would help to minimise the chances of recurrence in hernia surgery.

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