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Hernia surgery has undergone a tremendous evolution over time. Modern Medical technology has made large and complicated hernias to be treated using the minimal invasive route i.e. by laparoscopy.

Traditionally , hernia repair was done by the open approach in which a large cut was made over the site of hernia. The hernia content was placed back in its natural position and the repair done by placing stitches and a mesh over the muscle layers.

This surgery can now be done using the laparoscopic approach. The principles of surgery remain the same however, in laparoscopic repair, the site of surgery is away from the weakened tissue of hernia. The repair may or may not involve placement of stitches but a large mesh with sufficient healthy tissue overlap is always placed in a laparoscopic operation. This mesh is placed beneath or within the muscle layers which makes the repair more secure.

Thus, laparoscopic surgery avoids large cut at the dye of hernia which leads to less pain, lesser chances of infection and faster recovery. Also, since a large mesh is placed below the defect, the chances of hernia forming again are reduced and the repair is more secure.

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