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Modern hernia surgery requires placement of a mesh to strengthen the repair. A mesh is a synthetic material which is tailored in size and shape according to the site and size of the hernia. It may be made of different materials including proline, titanium to polyethylene and PTFE.

The mesh is usually placed above or below the hernial defect and fixed in place with sutures or tackers. Usually, there is sufficient overlap of healthy tissue to avoid tension on the repair and to account for mesh shrinkage in the future.

The mesh invokes a fibroblastic response from the body which means that it causes the production of hard fibrous tissue at its site of placement and hence prevents recurrence of hernia. It is usually integrated into the body tissues after a few months and doesn’t cause any side effects or infection if properly placed. Mesh should be avoided in cases of growing children , in infected tissues and nearby to vital organs where it can cause damage.

So, a mesh is an essential component of modern hernia surgery which reduces the chance of recurrence of hernia and can be placed without side effects or complications.

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