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Hernia surgery has undergone a tremendous evolution with time. This surgery has evolved from a traditional open repair to minimally invasive to robotic surgery in recent times. The advanced medical technology has made it possible to tackle large and complicated hernias using the minimally invasive approach.

The cost of hernia surgety in Delhi depends upon the type of hernia, it’s size and associated complicating factors. The technician of hernia repair chosen, the type of mesh used, the associated consumables and surgeon fees and hospitalisation charges also determine the final cost to a large extent. Usually , laparoscopic and robotic surgeries done in corporate hospitals prove to be more costly than traditional repair done in a smaller setup.

The idea behind a successful hernia repair is to strike a right balance between the safety and durability of surgery and it’s cost effectiveness. This can be done by choosing the correct approach for the particular patient which can reduce and operative time and post operative complications and avoiding the excessive use of disposables during the surgery.

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