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A hernia surgery is a major abdominal operation and requires care at home after discharge from the hospital for 10-15 days. We prescribe the following points for care after a hernia operation –

  1. Diet – A light diet is recommended for the first few days following surgery to avoid the side effects of bloating and pain. The diet should have plenty of fibre and fluid rich to prevent constipation.
  2. Activity – A person is allowed to do daily activities after routine hernia surgery. They can often resume work but should take precautions while travelling. Care should be taken to avoid straining, strenuous exercise, lifting heavy weights and any jerky movement for a few days.
  3. Bath- Patients are allowed to take bath after 2-3 days of their surgery. A waterproof dressing is useful as it protects the wound until the stitches are removed.
  4. Visit to the clinic- The first routine visit is usually a week after the surgery . The doctor inspects the wound and removes the stitches. This is followed up by a final visit after a month of surgery if there are any concerns.

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