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Endoscopy is a process of inserting a camera inside the body cavity for visualising the internal organs. It can be performed using a flexible or rigid scope under local or general anaesthesia.

Endoscopy is a wonderful tool for diagnosing various diseases affecting the different parts of the human body. It can be done for the gastrointestinal system in the form of upper and lower GI endoscopy, Cystoscopy for the urinary system, bronchoscopy for the respiratory tract and Hysteroscopy for the reproductive system.

Upper and lower GI endoscopy usually help in diagnosing common diseases like ulcer, bleeding , reflux disease, infections and cancers. They can be used to take samples for infections and biopsy from tumors and ulcers. Endoscopy can be used to stop bleeding from inside the GI tract and also can be used to place stents to bypass obstructions and contain surgical leaks. Dual channel endoscopes are being used nowadays to perform surgery for Achalasia and gastric plication for morbid obesity.

Since endoscopy is performed through the natural orifice, the process is painless without any cuts and can be performed in the office or a procedure room. It takes only a few minutes to perform and the patient can be sent home within a few hours. The recovery is rapid and the person can resume normal activity on the same day.

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